Robert Schindler has put his hat in the ring vying for a position on Chestermere City Council. 

Schindler said that he is an avid follower and nerd of politics. 

"I've been following City Council for the four years we've lived in Chestermere. I read all the notes and followed every single council meeting I had. It has become a passion of mine." 

Schindler explained that it is important to him to teach his kids about politics. 

"Teach them how to vote eventually and be aware of what is happening in your city."

When asked how he would regain the trust of city residents after the removal of former mayor Jeff Colvin and three councillors, he said he would want to rebuild confidence inside City Hall. 

"The staff need to know they're supported, especially by the community and council."

Schindler said he wants to raise spirits at City Hall and throughout Chestermere.

"We've lost over 110 people in the last two years, and our services are suffering, so by empowering those that work for customer services to know that council has their back and we're going to provide them with the tools that they need to be successful, we will attract good people." 

According to Schindler, a supportive environment will improve any business or public service function. 

"People are more willing to go the extra mile if they know they're appreciated."

Schindler was asked what his plans would be regarding the affordability crisis, and he explained that it was a very difficult question.

"We have to work on getting careers that pay a living wage, and most of our people commute to Calgary for work, which creates a barrier for folks who don't drive. We don't have regular public transit either."

Schindler said that council could encourage more housing by increasing zoning for commercial and industrial, but that won't be a quick fix.

"We can't just build all mansions for everybody. We must also build houses that people can afford within the community." 

He explained that with by having more affordable housing options comes a need for more services.

"Having our food bank robust, having our social services available to people, access schools and education seems to be a hot-button issue when talking to the residents, so we have to make sure that we plan these communities." 

As for what policies he would look into if elected, Schindler said that whoever is put on council will have some homework to do. 

"The rules and regulations surrounding the Municipal Affairs Act have been skirted for the last few years, and we need to restore safeguards."

Schindler explains that council needs to build a better Chestermere. 

"We need to do better and build our city with a higher standard than just the minimum requirements."

Schindler expresses that this will ensure more support within the city.

"We have a very supportive environment in our public service and ensuring that the citizens have confidence in what we're doing will allow us to build those policies."

Schindler says it's vital for residents to get out and vote.

"They don't have to vote for me, but they can vote for up to five councillors and one mayor." 

The Chestermere by-election will be on June 24. 

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