The 104.5 More Country crew headed to Standard and visited R&B Farms Inc.

Brent Gregory, along with Drew and Ron Wagemaker are at it early like a lot of others this year due to the heat. 

The Gregory family has been farming around Standard since 1952, where they were first North of Chancellor and in '62 they bought just east of Standard where they still are today.

With 3000 acres of wheat, barley, canola, peas, and alfalfa to get through, they are on the way to wrapping up wheat by the end of next week.

With the heat now, and more to come in the forecast the crew is anticipating being done this year before the end of the month. 

Drew will be taking a couple of days off to play during the upcoming CCMA showcases in Calgary next but will be right back in the combine when that wraps up. 

Today's delivery was sponsored by Strathmore Motor Products, M&M Pumps and West Side Finishing, with lunch provided by Wildfire BBQ! 

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grain rush 2

Left to right Ron Wagemaker, Brent Gregory and Drew Gregory.