Here is how you can have a communication plan before an emergency strikes. 

Emergencies often occur with no warning and can disrupt communication channels such as cellphone networks.

Having a communication plan before an emergency reduces stress and helps you reconnect with loved ones.

Wheatland County recommended these tips: 

  • Create emergency contact cards for each member of your household.

  • Keep emergency numbers in your home (hard copy) and on your personal and work cell phones.

  • Create a group text message, a group chat on your preferred social media channel, or a shared email distribution list so you can stay connected.

  • Have a plan for backup power for your devices, such as extra batteries, a phone charger for your vehicle, or solar-powered battery pack with a USB connection.

  • Designate an out-of-town emergency contact who can act as a central checkpoint to provide updates on status and location in case you are unable to reach each other.

  • Use social media to connect or update your status – some sites offer a “checked safe” feature when a disaster occurs in their area.

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