At the beginning of February, Balzac Billy predicted 6 more weeks of winter, and it looks like his prediction is spot on. 

Strathmore and the surrounding area have dipped into those colder and snowy temperatures the last few days.

"It looks like for the next week or so we're still kind of in this cold pattern. There is going to be a little bit of a warm-up midweek. So, we're going to clear out by tomorrow and then by Thursday it should warm up a little bit as a storm system moves through central and northern Alberta," explained Weather Preparedness and Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Alyssa Pederson. 

Pederson says as the storm system moves through the area, we will be going right back into the cold come Friday (March 1) and Saturday (March 2). 

"We will not be quite as cold as we have come the weekend, but we are still going to be below normal which is close to 0 at this time."

A bit of snow is expected to hit Strathmore this week which could be anywhere from 5-10 cm. 

"There is a little bit of snow in the area and is not expected to accumulate much more today (Feb 27) as the system is moving out and clearing through midweek." 

Right now (Feb 27) in Strathmore the high is -15 with periods of light snow and then tonight we are expected to reach a low of -21 with a few clouds. 

Weather NetworkStrathmore weather forecast for the week of Feb 27-March 1. Photo -ECCC. 

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