There is a new addition to an almost 7-year tradition that has made Strathmore come alive with colour.  

Hope Bridges painted quilts have been placed on Strathmore buildings for years, and now they are finally placing the last quilt on a very important building.  

On November 4, they watched their final masterpiece be placed at the Strathmore Municipal Building.  

Hope Bridges board member, Connie Kopp explained that each shape on this painted quilt represents something in the community.  

Painting of a quilt

“The quilt is called ‘Connections’ and the mosaic of colour symbolizes inclusion of all people, all skills and all ability. The circle that they make around the perimeter of the quilt shows a community of protection and the little pieces inside are the more vulnerable people in our society,” she continued. “The leaves also are different colours, showing the changes in life and in seasons. The maple leafs, of course, show patriotism to our country.” 

The quilts can be seen all around town on buildings such as Strathmore Value Drug Mart, The Bank Athletica, and Home Hardware. 

“This is number 15. We have 14 others. The quilts are hanging around town and they are sponsored by Hope Bridges. It started in 2015 when we got a $10,000 grant to do this.” 

She explained that this program has brought together all sorts of people from seniors to those with special needs.  

“We searched and tried to find something that meant the most to our society in this town of Strathmore. 

She said that she hopes that everyone can find themselves represented in the painting.