The Town of Strathmore is having an annual meeting where community organizations who wish to request funding support will get their chance to be heard. In 2023, over $800,000 in funds was provided to more than 20 community organizations. 

October 26 is Community Group Delegation Night (October 25) where council will review community group funding requests to help ensure the success of local service clubs, non-profits, and sports organizations.

Looking through and considering all requests at once will allow Council to budget accurately while preventing unexpected requests that could cause strain on the year's planned budget.

If you or your organization would like to participate, here are the steps that they can take.

  • Determine what funds your organization requires and how they will be used to help deliver programs, services or supports in Strathmore.
  • Complete the Application for Funding Form.
  • Gather additional accompanying documents. These can be letters of support, statistics or community impact reports.
  • Complete the online Delegation Form to present at a Council Meeting.
  • Send your Application for Funding Form and accompanying documents to by October 13, 2023.

Organizations that receive funding through the Town of Strathmore will be required to complete a funding accountability report. For more information visit the Town of Strathmore website.

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