Today (April 24) is Administrative Professionals' Day, and with that, we would like to spotlight 104.5 More Country's own Keri!

If you have had the pleasure of stopping by the 104.5 More Country and Strathmore Now station, you know that Keri's is the first face that greets you. 

She is a Customer Service Administrator (CSA), and the station couldn't function without her. 

"I like to refer to myself as the dragon at the gate. I meet and greet anyone who stops and comes in, organize commercials, and do all the orders and basic admin tasks. I love it." 

Keri has been working for Golden West Broadcasting for the last three years, but before that, she worked in human resources for a big insurance company.

"It was way too much stress; here at the station, it is way more fun day-to-day."

Keri was initially hired part-time when she started her career with Golden West.

"It was enjoyable being part-time. I was only here four hours a day, but they needed me more in other roles. So now I'm working for many of the stations in the company and More Country."

Her favorite part of the job is the fun things that come with working at a radio station.

"We get to do a lot of community events. We get to do Stampede, go to some concerts, and of course hanging out with Haley and Keesyn every day." 

When Keri is not being the station's aminja, she enjoys hanging out with her kids and her husband. 

"They're my favorite thing in the world. My husband and my children love hanging out, watching movies, and going for walks." 

Thank you, Keri, for everything you do here at 104.5 More Country and Strathmore Now! 

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