The City of Chestermere has made a statement saying they are aware that the former mayor and councillors have been presenting information online and at events throughout the province.

"As the City of Chestermere continues to follow the directives as set out by the Minister, we are cooperating with Deloitte Inc. in the financial inspection and preparation of a comprehensive and thorough report that will contain factual information of what happened in the City of Chestermere since October 2021," the statement read.

The city also said they are aware that the former mayor and members of council were misleading the public by using titles of office that they no longer held and through their unauthorized use of the City’s logo and branding.

"After the City had contacted these individuals about this situation the matter has been addressed and has now been corrected."

The city has asked residents for their continued patience as the Deloitte Inc. report is completed and presented to the Minister of Alberta Municipal Affairs.

When the Deloitte Inc. report is completed, it will be filed with the Minister of Alberta Municipal Affairs.

Once the report is reviewed and accepted by the Minister it then will be shared publicly with the residents of Chestermere.

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