In a City of Chestermere regular council meeting last week, RCMP Staff Sergeant Kathy Klassen gave a presentation on crime statistics in Chestermere, comparing January 2023 to January 2024. 

Break-and-enters showed a staggering 150% increase compared to January 2023. This was a jump from two occurrences to five. 

Motor vehicle theft also saw an increase of 40%, with five occurrences in 2023 and seven in 2024. 

There was also a 30% increase in cases of theft under $5,000, jumping to 13 cases in 2024, compared to 10 cases the year before. 

Some other crimes that saw an increase include: 

  • Person's crime, which includes offenses such as sexual assaults, death, robbery, kidnapping, extortion, and uttering threats, saw a 40% increase.
  • Property crime encompasses break-and-enter, motor vehicle theft, possession of stolen goods, arson, and fraud, and saw an 18% spike. 

Mounties also reported 17 files with the spousal abuse survey code in January 2024.

RCMP also reported 279 files with Victim Service Unit referrals, with 11 of those files being accepted, 37 declined, 9 proactive, 7 requested but not available, and 215 filed with no victim. 

Chestermere RCMP responded to 1,033 calls in the quarter of October, November, and December 2023, which Klassen says is on par with the typical volume of calls they respond to. 

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