During the Chestermere City Council meeting (Feb 13), Chestermere’s Official Administrator (CAO) approved an updated 2024 Interim Capital Budget.

This budget includes the funds previously set aside as carryover from 2023 and funding for prospective capital projects that will be started or continued into 2024.

In addition to the previously approved $6.7M, this budget includes a supplementary $17 M for a total 2024 Interim Capital Budget of $23.8M.

Additionally, an Interim Capital Budget has also been approved for Chestermere’s Utilities, of approximately $2.4M.

Resources are working on the accounting methodology, documentation, and verification to ensure the dissolution is done accurately and auditable under public accounting standards.

These budgets will remain in place until a new council is elected and is in a position to approve the 2024 Operating Budget and 2024 Capital Budget.

For more information visit the City of Chestermere's website here.

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