Local grocer, No Frills collected $12,057 for the Wheatland County Foodbank. 

It's a campaign that is run twice a year where they ask at the till for donations from community members and the community of Strathmore stepped up big this year. 

"I'm very proud of our community. I like that people will come together and help each other out. It's kind of surreal. I think it's a lot of money, but they probably have way more of a demand," said the owner of No Frills, Tina Shipley. 

Last year the store raised just over $10,000 for the food bank. 

"I'm just really happy that all the money that we collect stays in Wheatland County. It goes directly to our Wheatland County Food Bank. I think that's important for our community to know that their money stays local."

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