It's Seniors' Week in Strathmore and a special rock painting event was held on Monday to get the creative juices flowing for seniors.

The initiative was hosted at the Strathmore Public Library.

According to Ilke Schwarz, a library clerk, it's an amazing way to get seniors out and about while being artistic.

"A lot of people like flowers or whatever, just from their imagination. And they can use them as gifts for themselves. Indoor, outdoor."

Some of the rock art completed by seniors during the event.

We chatted with senior Teresa Stark about her first-time taking part in the event, and what she'll use the rocks for.

"I'm going to see if I like it, and I do like it. It's calming. And I'm going to use these little rocks all over my balcony."

Creative rock art from seniors.

Stark says events like this one are good for seniors, "It's nice that we can get out and meet other seniors and I'm glad that we're having Seniors' Week. This way we get to see how many seniors are in this town, because there's a lot."

For a full list of events for Seniors' Week you can visit here