Drew Gregory is bringing his talents to the Wheatland Charity PBR presented by Heckya.ca in Gleichen!

On Saturday, August 27, the Wilson Rodeo Grounds will be opening their doors at 4:30 to host a charity Professional Bull Riding event and Drew Gregory concert. All proceeds will go to the Alberta Children's Hospital.

Gregory will be joined by his band, and he said performing is always great, but it's extra special when you get to do it for charity. 

"We had a busy summer and had a few charity things, and it always adds a little bit to it. I feel like as musicians we don't always have a lot of cash to hand over to charity, especially after the last couple years, but to perform shows for charity is always a special thing. And when it's paired with a rodeo and good weather and everything it's always better."

Gregory said it was a busy summer for him, with all the events that were planned this year compared to the last couple years. For him, performing is the best part of being a musician, so he's enjoyed all the shows this summer. 

"It's good to be back doing what we love. It's my favourite part of the whole business, There's the songwriting and the recording and the business side of things, but to me, it's all to get to the stage."

It's not just the music keeping him busy; Gregory is also a farmer, so he's been busy with his harvest too! While taking time off during this busy time can be a bit difficult, Gregory said he'll be able to make it work.

"We can take an afternoon and evening off and go watch the bull riding and then play. And this is for charity so we want to give a little extra."

Even though he's been busy on the farm, he's always happy to make time to perform.

"No rest this time of year. It always is fulfilling to go and play whenever and wherever it is. That's my relaxation."

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