Last week, the City of Chestermere ousted mayor, and councilors addressed Chestermere citizens for the first time since being dismissed by the province. 

Ex-mayor Jeff Colvin as well as former councillors Stephen Hanley, Mel Float, and Blaine Funk gave a presentation at Camp Chestermere on Wednesday evening as a part of their ongoing provincewide speaking tour. 

The group has hosted similar gatherings across the province, including one in Morinville and one in Calgary last month.

They have also appeared in several podcasts and online interviews, and they continue to claim that they were wrongfully fired.

The event lasted over three hours, and Colvin as well as the former councillors gave a presentation stating their side of the story and provided a series of evidence, including email threads that supposedly provided proof of their wrongful termination. 

Ex-councillor Mel Float gave an emotional testimony, alleging that attempts were made to coerce him into betraying his colleagues for immunity from potential civil lawsuits. 

The group claims that they have experienced systemic collusion and bullying from a series of organizations, including what they referred to as “rouge councillors,” the RCMP, city staff, KPMG, the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Ric McIver, and the Provincial Department of Municipal Affairs. 

The citizens of Chestermere have been split since December. 

Despite the emotional statements and the gravity of their accusations, a shadow of doubt has been cast over citizens due to the misuse of official titles and city branding by the ex-mayor and councillors.

Back in late March, the City of Chestermere made a statement stating that they are “aware that the former mayor and councillors have been presenting information online and at events throughout the province.” 

The city also stated that they were aware that the former mayor and councillors were continuing to use titles of office that they no longer held and were using the city’s logo and branding unauthorized. 

The city has urged citizens to be patient as Deloitte Inc. completes the report and presents it to the Minister of Municipal Affairs. 

Once the report is reviewed and accepted by the Minister, it will be shared publicly with the residents of Chestermere. 

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