The Strathmore Musical Arts Society will be bringing a live show for the new year to a new venue in partnership with Strathmore trio The Locals.

Erinn Gregory from The Locals will be hosting the event which will take place in the lower level of the Strathmore Station Restaurant.

The audience will be treated to an evening of storytelling and singing from four established Alberta artists including Blake Reid, Lindsay Butler, Troy Kokol, and Joni Delaurier.

Music is something that Gregory believes can have a very strong impact on people, especially in a live environment.

"Music is just such a shared universal language and has such power to bring these feelings to the surface. It brings people together, I think we need that connection more than ever."

For those who may have never attended something like a songwriter circle Gregory says that you get a much different experience than a traditional concert provides.

"They'll take turns playing their songs on guitar, it's ideal for an audience that's attentive. They'll play songs that they've only written or co-written, and they share the story behind that song before they play it, there's so much authenticity and vulnerability it's almost like just ripping a page out of their diary"

The artists coming to perform will bring a mixture of sounds. Gregory explained Reed and Butler have a classic sound that speak to the farming and ranching community, while Kokol and Delaurier appeal more to the country folk crowd. 

The show will take place on January 27 and tickets can be purchased online at or by emailing In addition, tickets are available at Assist Business Centre, ConnectFirst Credit Union, Pro Water Strathmore, the Strathmore Station, and The Vault.  

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singerBlake Reid - photo credit Erinn Gregory 
singerLindsay Butler - photo credit Erinn Gregory 
singerTroy Kokol - photo courtesy of Troy Kokol
singerJoni Delaurier - photo courtesy of Joni Delaurier