Strathmore has a population of 14,810 and has commonly been viewed as a retirement town, but the current census from 2021 shows us that the average age for people in the community is 40 years old. The population trend has shown a bit of a raise since the last available data was given, before that the population of the Town was at 14,701 in 2020 and that was a 0.40% increase.

Their growth has mainly remained steady in the last ten years; with the slower and steadier increase it has made the town be able to maintain its small-town status. 

With the average age being 40, we can see that the town is not only getting younger but also getting more vibrant as more and more people are starting to make Strathmore their home. With the projected job and community growth, it's likely we see more young families settle in, thus bringing our average age down and shifting the notion that we're a retirement community.

40 is normally the age where people tend to have children that are in high school and have already settled down with a house and more often than not a partner.  

As for other census data, even though Strathmore is an important agriculture community in Alberta, a large number of residents make the commute to Calgary for work. About 39% drive the 45-50 minutes every day for their job.  

Males in Strathmore has increased from 2020-2021 by 0.42% and females even less than that by 0.38%. 

Recent data shows that the female to male rate differentiates a lot from there being approximately 7,605 females living in the area to 7,205 males that are living in the area, with that being said and with the Town being viewed as a retirement community there are about 1,120 males and about 1,517 females that are over the age of 65, which is the average age of retirement.  

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