We may be past the coldest part of the week, but it can still be a challenge to keep your pets safe and entertained during the winter.

Kyla Janes, owner of Alpine Pet View and Spa, offers some advice on how to avoid that winter cabin fever.

Dogs are very much affected by cold temperatures, and if they cannot burn off some energy outside, they may start to show signs of bad behavior due to boredom. 

“It is important to do short bursts of activity outside so they don't get too cold, and providing mental stimulation is very important. That way, you can avoid a bit of that cabin fever that they start to get about a day or two into the cold snap,” Janes said.

She recommends taking your dogs to daycare for a few hours so they can play with their friends indoors while burning off energy.

Playdates at home or practicing training with your pets are also ways to keep your dog entertained while stuck inside.

“When temperatures are below -20 °C or -30 °C, a minute or two outdoors is more than enough. Some dogs are bred specifically for being outside and can handle the cold a bit better, but they still need proper shelter to keep their feet warm. Anything more than a few minutes outside, you're going to have frostbite, and so will the dog,” Janes said.

If you ever come across an animal that is lost outside and is frozen, covered in snow, or has frostbite, you don't want to warm them up too quickly.

Do not try to warm the animal up fast by submerging them in hot water and never feed a frozen animal, as it can cause more harm than good.

Janes suggests getting the animal to a veterinarian as soon as possible, wrapping them up in a towel or blanket, and warming them slowly.

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