Here's your guide for Alberta athletes competing at the big show at the Calgary Stampede.


  • Justine Elliott (Lacombe) (Pool A)
  • Shelby Spielman (Ponoka) (Pool A)
  • Skyler Mantler (Bassano) (Pool A)
  • Nancy Leischner (Olds) (Pool A)
  • Lynette Brodoway (Brooks) (Pool B)


  • Jordan Hansen (Okotoks) (Pool A)
  • Edgar Durazo (originally from Moctezuma, Mx he also calls High River home) (Pool A)
  • Lonnie West (Cadogan) (Pool B)


  • Logan Bird (Nanton) (Pool A)
  • Morgan Grant (Didsbury) (Pool A)
  • Riley Warren (Sundre) (Pool A)
  • Clayton Smith (Eckville) (Pool A)
  • Shane Smith (Wimborne) (Pool A)


  • Harley Cole (Okotoks) (Pool B)
  • Cody Cassidy (Donalda) (Pool A)
  • Ty Miller (Wainwright) (Pool A)


  • Lucas Macza (High River) (Pool A)
  • Sam Kelts (Millarville) (Pool A)
  • Layton Green (Millarville) (Pool A)
  • Kole Ashbacher (Arrowwood) (Pool A)
  • Zeke Thurston (Big Valley) (Pool A)
  • Dawson Hay (Wildwood) (Pool A)
  • Logan Hay (Wildwood) (Pool B)
  • Kolby Wanchuk (Sherwood Park) (Pool A)
  • Ben Anderson (Rocky Mountain House) (Pool B)


  • Ty Taypotat (Nanton) (Pool B)
  • Clint Laye (Cadogan) (Pool A)
  • Kody Lamb (Sherwood Park) (Pool A)
  • Wyatt Maines (Ilkwater) (Pool B)

CHUCKWAGONS:  (*note -  only 3 wagons will be running per heat this year)

  • Todd Baptiste (Cando, SK)
  • Chance Bensmiller (Dewberry, AB)
  • Kurt Bensmiller (Dewberry, AB)
  • Troy Dorchester (Westerose, AB)
  • Dallas Dyck (Dewberry, AB)
  • Chad Fike (Cremona, AB)
  • Jordie Fike (High River, AB) 
  • Darcy Flad (Bodo, AB)
  • Troy Flad (Warburg, AB)
  • Kris Flanagan (Bonnyville, AB) 
  • Jason Glass (High River, AB) 
  • Chad Harden (Thorsby, AB) 
  • Doug Irvine (LaCorey, AB)
  • Ross Knight (St. Walburg, SK)
  • Layne Macgillivray (Halkirk, AB)
  • Codey Mccurach (Condor, AB)
  • Kris Molle (Chauvin, AB)
  • Roger Moore (Loon Lane, SK)
  • Obrey Motowylo (Bluffton, AB) 
  • Vern Nolin (Dewberry, AB)
  • Cody Risdale (Grimshaw, AB) 
  • Danny Ringuette (Bonnyville, AB) 
  • Evan Salmond (Hudson Bay, SK) 
  • Kirk Sutherland (Grand Prairie, AB) 
  • Mark Sutherland (Okotoks, AB)
  • Mitch Sutherland (Grand Prairie, AB) 
  • Chase Vigen (Calgary, AB) 

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