Jennifer Fraser, who resides just outside of Cluny, is back again with her dog Daiquiri wowing audiences across the country, but this time Daiquiri is a bringing some friends with him. 

Fraser is currently on her way to Montreal with Daiquiri and 5 of his brothers and sisters to star in a new musical.  

“My dogs and I have been offered a big role in the upcoming Super Dogs play in Montreal. It's about a young girl who wants to become part of the Super Dog show and she has to work extremely hard with her dog to get there.” 

Dogs jumps through trainers arms

Fraser and her pups Champagne, Daiquiri, Fabio, Sprite, Sambuca and Razzle travelled by vehicle to Montreal to start rehearsals for the play this week. While travelling that far with six dogs would be a lot of work for anyone one else, Fraser chuckled while saying that she once did it while also being 7 months pregnant for nationals.  

Once rehearsals are finished, Fraser is looking forward to the month-long run of the musical and letting her dogs wow the audience.  

“I've got a beautiful Afghan Hound (Fabio) that's going to be moving and doing some jumping and a little bit of a skit at the beginning because he's got lots of tricks in him. I've got a one-year-old pup that is going to play with me on-stage and I stole my daughter’s Pomeranian and he's got a couple of good parts in there. Daiquiri is doing his cheerleading routine in the play as well.” 

Fraser has been working with dogs since she was three years old, and has reached many milestones in that time.  

“We've got 12 Guinness World Records for dog training and my dogs were on America’s Got Talent in 2020. We also just auditioned for Canada’s Got Talent as well.” 

Contestants stand in front of America's Got Talent sign

She is well-known in the dog training world, and was recommended for the role. After watching a couple of performances, the casting team saw that Fraser and her pups would be a perfect fit.  

It has been a surreal time for her and she has been reflecting on when it all started for her.  

“I actually went on a trip a few years back. I was just playing with my dogs in Italy while we lived there for a year and someone came in and handed me money thinking I was performing.  We were struggling and I thought, ‘well I can do this.’  Pretty soon, I was making €300 in an hour. It just kind of ballooned from there.” 

Fraser and Daiquiri with multiple Guinness World Records

Fraser has a love for all dogs but she has a special place in her heart for Daiquiri, who is her partner when performing. “I always tell people that Daiquiri was a long-lost boyfriend of mine reincarnated into a dog. He is just a little love-sick puppy. My husband said to me the other day, ‘I don’t think I can give you that level of loyalty,” she chuckled. “He said Daiquiri makes him look bad every day.” 

She welcomes the opportunity to showcases her skills for dog training in the musical, but does miss her family back home. She explained that she is returning on Christmas Eve and it has been the longest she has ever been away from her children.  

Family photo with dogs

Being a mother of 4, Fraser had to prepare far in advance for the upcoming holiday season.  

“I got all of my Christmas shopping done in like October. They are all hidden in the house and everyone is still trying to look for them.”  

Tickets are going fast for the show's first performance on Sunday, November 28 with almost 90 per cent already sold.  

Watch Fraser and Daiquiri on America’s Got Talent below!