The seasons are changing and spring is on the way but that doesn't mean the Strathmore Overnight Shelters work is done. The need for shelter is always important, and to help combat the need this year, the Overnight Shelter is sharing their annual March for Shelter with Strathmore Day (March 20).

 Director Carrilyn Fisk explained that there is a constant need at the shelter for support all year round.

“We have a pretty steady core of people that are long term at the shelter, who find it difficult to be out on their own. With the seasons, we have an ebb and flow. Of course, when it's freezing cold out, we tend to get a bit more traffic inside the shelter. Then in the summer, we get a lot more traffic of people passing through. They’ll pop in and stay at the shelter, get a meal and a shower, then head on their way. ” 

Strathmore Overnight Shelter has been able to help with more than just giving people a place to sleep for the past few years. 

"Over this COVID period of time, we did get a grant for a social worker and we have our clients come back during the day to sit with her. She assists them with filling out forms for assistance or finding housing,” said Fisk  

Donations are a big reason why the overnight shelter has been able to help so many people. This year, they hope to gain donations at the March for Shelter event this Sunday. People can donate at or make donate pledges for the walk around Kinsmen park pledge sheets are available here.  

March 20th is also Strathmore Day, that will also be held in the park. If you want to find the list of planned events or a way to donate to the Strathmore Overnight Shelter, check out the events page here.