Another Classroom of the Month winner but this time it's for October! Dawne-Marie Hunter and her grade 3 class at George Freeman School is October's Classroom of the Month! 

A month and a half of school has gone by and with the Mrs. Hunter says the year has already gone by so fast and so, so quick! "We've got a very chatty class that didn't have any time where they were shy at all. We kind of just got to it right away and they haven't stopped yet."

Mrs. Hunter says that she is most excited to see her students grow this year. "When they start and when they finish, so there's a lot of change in Grade 3 and it's really amazing to watch happen."

As for field trips and what is to happen for the grade 3's in the coming months, Mrs. Hunter says that nothing is set in stone. They've been asking and asking (about field trips), and we've been kind of encouraged not to save them until June. So, we do a lot of different things this year because we have a new curriculum in science. So, we're going to put out some feelers and see what happens next."

Mrs. Hunter and her class got two nominations from parents that know that this class really deserves to be recognized. 

"Mrs. Hunter is an amazing teacher with her class. She is so kind with them. Gabby loves being her student. She comes home every day so excited to share the things she has done for the day. Best teacher and class ever!!!" - Parent #1

"They are a great group of kids who have such a love of learning, Mrs Hunter knows what it’s like be an 8/9-year-old having to sit still for long hours and she always makes sure they get frequent wiggle breaks in between courses. She always makes sure her students are encouraged to learn, and they love being in her class daily." - Parent #2

Classroom of the Month is sponsored by Audra Reinhardt with CIR Realty with lunch provided by Boston Pizza. Congratulations to Mrs. Hunter and her grade 3 class for being October's Classroom of the Month!  

Nominate your class here and tell us why you think you deserve a pizza party!

CROTMMrs. Hunter's grade 3 class when they found out they won Classroom of the Month.

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