The Alberta Emergency Management Agency made a request for fire apparatus and crew to Wheatland County. This morning the Rockyford Fire Department (RFD) decided to send their Tender 58 with Chief Wayne Clyne and Firefighter Owen Dahm. 

The Rockyford crew and their tender will be a part of five other units and crews from within Wheatland County. The crews will be sent to the Grande Prairie wildfire area and the RFD with rotating crews to support fire operations as required. 

Mayor of Rockyford Darcy Burke explained that he had a conversation with his fire department detachment, and they decided that they could send a couple of firefighters and their unit up there to help. "Our Chief Wayne Klein and firefighter Owen Dahm will be operating the tender while they are fighting against the Grande Prairie fire."

Burke said he hopes that the crew has the safest travels in the fire operations while working in the Grand Prairie area, "We are very proud to be able to offer assistance out of Rockyford and we have many prayers for the folks up there. We have very well-trained men and women in our department and whenever the call out is there for assistance, mutual aid assistance, we are always able to step forward and provide assistance no matter where we are."

Burke says that at this time they have sent out one tender and two firefighters to the north and as time progresses and if the need arises, they will certainly be looking at trading out the crew to redeploy and man the truck while it is still out there. 

The crew left this morning at seven o'clock and they all met at the Wheatland County office and then they and five other apparatus started the drive up to help with the wildfire efforts. 

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