The Royal Tyrrell Museum announced a new exhibit on Friday morning that is sure to take a bite out of the competition.

The museum is home to one of the largest collections of dinosaurs in the world.

The First Life exhibit explores the evolution of the earliest life on Earth from microbes to multi-cellular animals.

According to Lisa Making, the executive director of the museum, the new exhibit will be vital in educating the public about Alberta's history.

"We've created an exhibit that celebrates the curious creatures that are among the earliest life on Earth."

The Alberta government says redevelopment of the gallery spaces started in November last year, which came at a cost of $379,000.

In both 2022 and 2023 the Royal Tyrrell Museum reached over 500,000 visitors.

Craig Scott, the director of preservation and research with the museum says it's been amazing to see this new exhibition come to life.

"The exhibit showcases the earliest direct evidence for life in the form of stromatolites. The earliest dating at an astonishing 3.5 billion years."

The new area showcases fossils from the Precambrian era, which spans from 4.6 billion to 539 million years ago and from the Cambrian era, a span of time from 539 to 485 million years ago.

A few of the fossils are also from Yoho National Park in British Columbia and are on long-term loan from the Royal Ontario Museum.