The Rockyview County (RVC) Recreation Governance Committee approved $93,113 in capital and operational funding last week (Feb 7).

This is for the eligible non-profit organizations serving Langdon residents through the Langdon Special Tax Grant Funding Program.

These funds will be used for initiatives designed to enhance the quality of cultural and recreational activities available in the community.

Organizations that received these funds are: 

  • Langdon Community Association: $55,982 in operational and capital funds.

  • Langdon Softball Association: $15,451 in capital funds. 

  • Langdon Theatre Association: $15,000 in operational funds.

  • Synergy Youth and Community Development Society: $6680 in operational funds. 

The Langdon Recreation Grant Program supports Langdon-focused non-profit organizations by offering additional funding for cultural and recreational programs and projects. 

The Langdon Special Tax Bylaw is passed every spring and authorizes the special tax funds that are then used to fund the Langdon Recreation Grant Program. 

The tax rate is based on the funding approvals authorized by the Recreation Governance Committee (RGC) at this meeting. 

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