Standard Hockey Days are happening on January 21! 

The Organizer for this event Celeste Christensen says that this event is about the community coming out to watch all their kids play. Four out of Five home teams are playing with the fifth team still showing up for support. It is just a fun day for the community.  

“We do have a raffle table with a bunch of donations that we've collected and some bigger ticket items, some style and auction items, and then hot chocolate for the kids. Just mostly to come out and cheer on all the local kids from around all our different communities that play out of standard.” 

Christensen says that she is a part of an association called Central Alberta Hockey League (CAHL) and the way that they organized hockey days is by making sure that four of the five teams have home games that day with the U-11 team still making an appearance.  

“Each team when they start the game we're going to announce each of our kids. We hear their names on the speaker and stuff like that.”  

Active Solutions for Health will be donating prizes, they are doing player of the game for their home team and their visiting team.  

“We're doing something called rapid fire shooting, they have to be over 18. You can buy a ticket for 10 bucks and then right before our last game of the day at 4:30, we're going to do a draw if your name is picked you get to go out on the ice and you have to shoot 20 pucks in the net in 20 seconds and if you do that you win 10 thousand dollars.”  

Even if you miss one puck into the net, Christensen explains that they will pay 10 dollars a puck, so they can still win up to 190 dollars.  

teamsAll five Standard hockey teams
​​​​​​Photo courtesy: Celeste Christensen

Christensen then goes on to also explain that she and another organizer Jena Praeker were motivated to do this tournament because Bassano has done it for the last few years and there has been a bunch of Bassano kids that play out of Standard this year. 

“Unfortunately, we had two tournaments our U13 and U-11, we could not get enough teams to come out for our tournament, so we had to cancel them, so we figured this was going to be our next best thing.”  

Head out to support Standard Hockey Days, the first game is at 9:00 with the last game at 4:30. There will also be some public skating in between games being played.  

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