Alberta Coordinated Action for Recycling Enterprises (Alberta CARE) is coming to Strathmore for their annual spring seminar that will run from February 22-24.  

Alberta CARE with the Alberta municipalities focuses on the many municipal landfills that will reach the end of their life expectancy within the next 5-10 years. Getting a new landfill space is met with many problems, as it's normally expensive and is met with resistance from landowners and tenants.  

The Alberta CARE website states that recycling can reduce the amount of waste that will go to a landfill and increase landfill life expectancy. Alberta’s geophonic area is vast and the population density is pretty low, so collecting recycled materials can be very difficult and markets that use recycled materials are often located far from Albertan communities.  

Executive Director of Alberta CARE Linda McDonald says that she has been with this organization for the past twenty years and people are hearing the plea to keep waste out of the landfill.  

“Our organization is bringing awareness, education, government, support and environmental sustainability.” 

Some of Alberta CARE's goals are to coordinate recycling and waste management activates on a community level, to establish partnerships that will bring together diverse interest groups towards a common focus and implementation strategy, promoting recycling and waste management as part of the day-to-day lifestyle and culture of Albertans and to promote the awareness of new recycling initiatives to the general public.  

McDonald says this will benefit Strathmore by people being able to network with their delegates and sharing solutions to start a green economy. Alberta CARE brings benefits not just for Strathmore, but for all of Alberta. They represent more than 100 municipalities in Alberta. McDonald explained Alberta CARE has had many successes over the last couple of years. 

“Back yard composting, worm composting, landfill training. We have had eco center education courses, energy projects and take it or leave it recycled items.”  

Another one of their main focuses is to specifically look at smaller communities and recycling groups to find a way to hopefully implement them into schools. 

The seminar will be at the Travel Lodge from February 22-24. For more information on Alberta CARE visit Welcome to Alberta CARE | Alberta CARE  

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