Emma Moore has been making an impact for many years throughout the community with her volunteer efforts, and the variety of campaigns she runs to support those in need throughout Strathmore and Wheatland County.  

Moore has received countless donations locally during the different projects she has run over the years in support of her efforts, on top of that she has been getting help from the Calgary area again this year in her latest campaign Soup 4 Soldiers.

Soup 4 Soldiers is not a new project for Moore as she has worked to help veterans in the past, "This is my third year running it and it's running from the 1st to the 10th (of November)."

This particular fundraising project allows Moore to work with schools across the community,  school's participating this year include Brentwood, Crowther Memorial, Westmount, Strathmore High School, Brandon School (located in Calgary), and Glen Rose Colony School.

Going into the third year Moore is thrilled with the success of previous years and hopes to collect even more, "Last year we collected a total of 4,699 nonperishable food items and in 2020 we collected 2,127 nonperishable food items, and this is in support of the local legion and the Veterans Food Bank."

The idea came to Moore during the course of Covid, "We couldn't have a Remembrance Day ceremony the last couple of years due to Covid, so I wanted to find something else that we could do to honor our veterans and everything that they've done for us, and also give students a meaningful way to participate in Remembrance Day."

Moore is excited for the students at the end of their collecting to get to build their tower of donations saying that especially for the younger kids, sharing the number of items is one thing but when they see the physical representation of what they were able to accomplish it really makes an impact. 

As Moore is heading to university next year this year will be her last year for Em's Donation Projects so she hopes to make this year the best one yet, "I think 5000 items would be a super cool goal to achieve, but honestly anything that we get and any number is great and it's still a big impact no matter how much we raise. I understand how difficult things are right now for people, and they might not be able to donate as much as they normally would."

The project this time around has a very special connection for Moore, "This year's project is in Memory of Mrs. Anne Paskevich. She was a teacher at Crowther Memorial when I attended there and really believed in the power of youth. She taught leadership and gym and was integral in the giving initiatives that started at Crowther. I am running this project in her memory because of the impact she had on me. Even after she retired she continued to encourage me to keep going and doing good in the world. She passed away this year and she is missed. I think it's really a token to her that students are continuing on the work she encouraged us to get involved with"

This project is taking place throughout schools Moore said anyone can be involved and can reach out to her Facebook page Em's Donation Projects to arrange donations. 

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schoolBrentwood donation from previoius year
school soup donation Westmount building their tower of donations for a previous campaign!
school soup donation Donations froma previous year collected by SHS!