Once a semester, each staff member at Strathmore High School (SHS) will choose a student champion to be recognized at a breakfast called the Breakfast of Champions. 

Students are chosen based on contribution to school life, marked improvement, volunteerism, and work ethic. The purpose is to recognize a student who would not normally be recognized for academics or athletics but has made a strong effort to be a dedicated student.

For example, a student who has brought their mark up to passing from failing, or a student who has turned something around in their life, or maybe a student who does things to help others.

SHS Principal Doug Raycroft explains that SHS has been doing Breakfast of Champions for quite some time now and why it is important to him and the school as a whole.

"You get to hear little quick speech about how each kid fills the school with positivity and it's nice to see the kids win. Around this time of the year, I can be seeing a lot of students for disciplinary measures, so it's nice when you have an event like this."

The breakfast is sponsored by Strathmore Sobeys. "They've sponsored it forever and we're really happy and thankful that we have a partnership with them."

shsList of Breakfast of Champion winners with the teachers who nominated them

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