Property assessment notices are beginning to arrive for Strathmore residents.

On February 15, more than 6,400 annual property assessment notices were mailed out, signaling the start of the 2024 Customer Inquiry Period, which wraps up on April 23 of this year.

"The Customer Inquiry Period is an important time for property owners to check, compare, and review their assessment for accuracy, fairness, and equity," it states on the Town of Strathmore's Facebook page.

Property assessments in Strathmore are based on the market value of each property as of July 1st of the previous year, and the condition of the property as of December 31st of the same year.

"Market value assessments are conducted using mass appraisal. For residential properties, third-party assessors gather, review, and analyze data from all arm's-length real estate sales transactions that occurred over 12 months. Factors such as the quality, size, features, and age of the property contribute to determining its final assessed value," it said on the Town of Strathmore's website. 

Here are things to keep in mind when you receive your notice:

Review the details on your assessment notice and check what makes up your property’s assessment value and compare it with similar properties in your neighbourhood using Strathmore's property search. 

Contact the Town's assessor, Wildrose Assessment Services.

"Their property assessment experts can answer most assessment-related questions—with no formal complaint fees required. To help address concerns please have your latest assessment notice in front of you with the account number and valuation group information ready." 

If you disagree with your property's assessment, the town suggests you file a formal complaint with the Assessment Review Board by the deadline stated on your latest property assessment notice.

You can find information on this process at

"Since property assessment relies on market value, it is influenced by market changes driven by supply and demand dynamics. Additionally, any improvements or modifications made to a property can impact its assessment." 

On the website, it says that when property assessments arrive, most residents will notice that their property’s value has increased from last year due to high market demand in the region.

"Strathmore’s housing market remains strong with robust sales indicating continued strength and real estate market confidence throughout the community."

For more information about the assessment process visit the Town of Strathmore's website.

PropPhoto provided by the Town of Strathmore.

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