Last year's Strathmore Terry Fox Run was our community's best year ever, as we raised more than $10 000 to support the fight against cancer. In the 25 years Strathmore has hosted the Terry Fox Run we've raised around $82 000 combined, so the 2022 run alone made up around 12% of our total contribution.

Organizer of the Strathmore Terry Fox Run Diana Baird has been busy preparing for our 26th annual Terry Fox Run, and she's setting an even loftier goal than last year for the community.

"One of Terry's initial goals was to collect $1 for every resident of Canada. So I thought, why not go big? This year, let's see if we can raise $1 for every resident of Strathmore. The official number we are aiming for is $15 189," Baird said.

Taking place in Kinsmen Park on September 17, Baird explained there will be a 1 kilometre loop around the park, and also a 5 kilometre loop that will go around Kinsmen Park with the additional 4 kilometres going around Gray's Park. Even though it's called the Terry Fox Run, Baird emphasized you don't actually have to run the full way if the distance seems daunting.

"You can walk it, you can cycle it, if you have mobility issues, in a wheelchair, scooter. It's non-competitive, so it doesn't matter how you do it, it's just to get out, do it, have some fun, meet all your community supporters, and support a great cause."

Baird strongly believes in the importance of joining the fight against cancer, as it's likely that everyone knows someone who has been impacted by cancer one way or another. In Strathmore, we have community members who have fought or are currently fighting cancer. Baird wants to highlight these brave people to recognize what they're going through and show the entire community how important the money we donate is. Through the Terry's Team Member program, anyone who fought or is fighting cancer will get a red shirt for free.

"If you're comfortable to wear it and tell everybody, we want the community to see where your dollars are helping. These are the people who have been through it, or are going through it, and it adds the personal touch as to how your money is helping them." 

"The fact that cancer touches all ages all genders... You don't think about that until you see a ten-year-old child wearing a red shirt, and then you pause for a thought: 'Wow, look what this child is going through, how can I help?'"

Even if you're unable to make a donation, Baird encourages everyone to come to the run, as simply showing support for the cause and being a part of the community can have a big impact.

Beyond the obvious main event of the run itself, Baird added there will be games in Kinsmen Park like cornhole, badminton, colouring pages for kids, and more. 

The 2023 Terry Fox Run takes place on September 17 in Kinsmen Park. Registration starts at 12:30, with the run starting at 1:15. Baird asks that you register online, as this will give her a good idea of how many people she should prepare for in regards to food, water bottles, etc. She added the Town of Strathmore is providing its water truck, so you can bring your own water bottle too.

You can register online, donate, and buy T-shirts HERE.

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