The Strathmore Terry Fox run took place on Sunday, September 17, but the turnout wasn't as big as it had been in previous years. 

Run Organizer for the Strathmore Terry Fox Run Diana Baird said that she realized early on in the day that she probably wasn't going to get the turnout that they expected to get. 

"The weather wasn't as nice as it had been in previous years, and it wasn't nice enough to bring out families and friends to the walk. Only 20 people came out and that was a lot lower than last year. We still did the walk, we got donations online, we had people donate here at the event and we got to meet some pretty awesome people as well." 

At the event itself, $500 was raised but the run got $2000 from the community in support of cancer research. Baird is happy with how much was raised but it was not what her goal was at the start. 

"My initial goal was to do what Terry wanted to do and have $1.00 for every Canadian, so I set the goal for $1.00 for every resident of Strathmore. Yeah, we didn't make that because that would have made the total over $15,000."

Being the organizer of the Terry Fox run is something that Baird wants to do next year but with the smaller turnout this year, she is ready to brainstorm ideas on how to make it even better.

"We are going to figure out what would be changes that we could do next year. I know this particular weekend there was an awful lot of events going on in Strathmore that might have hindered the event."

volunteersBaird expressed her gratitude for the volunteers (pictured here) who helped the day come together.

The Strathmore Terry Fox website is still up and running for a few more weeks so there is time to get donations in and if residents would like a Terry Fox Shirt then they can contact Diana Baird directly on the Strathmore Terry Fox Facebook page

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