The Town of Strathmore's hazard reduction burning will occur from Friday, April 19, to Monday, April 22.

Alberta's weather typically transitions from dry conditions in spring to fall, which often increases the risk of wildfires.

Given the province's recent declaration of an early onset of wildfire season, communities are implementing robust wildfire prevention measures.

Strathmore's Hazard Reduction Burn Plan aims to evaluate the grassland fuel situation in the community's landscape, pinpoint areas with elevated fire risk according to anticipated fire behavior, and prioritize these zones for controlled burning to mitigate hazards.

This strategic approach will involve conducting hazard-reduction burning in specific areas within the town, thereby diminishing wildfire risks, minimizing nuisance fires, and enhancing community readiness in the face of impending wildfires.

Burn PlanMap of where the controlled fires will happen. (Photo Credits - Town fo Strathmore Facebook).

The Town of Strathmore's Facebook page stated, "The areas identified were selected to reduce the risk of wildfire, reduce the number of nuisance fires, and better prepare the community in the event of an approaching wildfire on the landscape." 

The initial plan involves 33 blocks. Areas on private property will only be burned upon approval of property owners.

All blocks identified in the plan are to be burnt at the Fire Chief’s discretion.

"Please watch for road signs alerting to ongoing burning.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Chief Sturgeon or look for the Duty Chief onsite to speak with."

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