This morning at 8 A.M. students from Sacred Heart Academy and Holy Cross Collegiate (HCC) were waiting at the Route 42 bus stop when they were approached by a suspicious person in a green van.

The person asked what school the students attended and if they wanted a ride. They then declined and the person drove away. The bus driver was notified and then reported to the school administration. The incident is currently under investigation by the local detachment and RCMP have increased their patrols of the school.

In an email to the parents of students at Sacred Heart Academy and HCC, it states that 'Student safety at all Christ The Redeemer (CTR) Catholic Schools is paramount, therefore, both school administrations plan to increase supervision in and around our schools and bus drivers will be on alert. As always, parents are welcome to make alternative arrangements to pick up or drop off their children.' 

Principal at Sacred Heart Academy Paulette Chotowetz says that today they had set aside to already talk about bus safety with students. 

"We went over it with the students and the students that were present at the bus stop did an incredible job."

The following is recommended from the Canadian Police Association and available on CTR’s website:

  1. Keep a safe distance from any unknown person approaching you.
  2. A stranger is just someone you don’t know and can look like anyone.
  3. Don’t hesitate to walk away from a stranger who either acts very nice or makes you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Never get into a car or other vehicle or go anywhere with anyone unless your parent or guardian has given you permission
  5. Shout or scream to attract attention if a stranger tries to grab you or threaten you in another way.
  6. If you find yourself in an emergency situation and there’s no one you know around to help, it’s okay to accept the assistance of a stranger.
  7. Never allow a stranger to talk with you or give you anything unless a trusted adult is with you and gives you permission.
  8. Never give a stranger your name, address, telephone number or other personal information.
  9. Always let the adult in charge of you know where you are going, the person going with you, and what you’ll be doing.
  10. Stand and walk with confidence and be aware of your surroundings wherever you are.
  11. If you accidentally become separated from your parent or guardian at a shopping mall or any other place where there are many people, go immediately to a security guard, a person who works in a store or an information booth, or a mother with children and ask them for help.
  12. If someone follows you in a vehicle, start going in the opposite direction. If someone is following you on foot, run away as fast as you can and tell a trusted adult what happened. 
  13. If a stranger asks you for help or for directions, quickly walk away.
  14. Always ask your parents’ or guardians’ permission to leave the yard or play area or go into someone’s home.

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