The Stuff A Stocking For A Senior campaign is back and after last year's success, the goal is even greater for this year. 

Marlene Risdon owner operator of the Rack on 3rd is organizing the third annual Stuff A Stocking For A Senior campaign and has set a goal of getting over 600 names of seniors submitted for this holiday season. 

"We have all the lodge's names automatically but we need the individual names of the seniors that live on their own, that would be nice to have as well," explained Risdon. 

The forms to submit names Risdon said can either be printed from the Rack on 3rd Facebook page or can be picked up at the store by the end of November.

On December 1 anyone that wants to participate can pick up a name at the Rack on 3rd or reach out through social media to request a name, Risdon is thrilled that one group has already committed to this year's campaign, "I've already got this year the Rockyford 4-H club participating, they have already booked 20 names."  

Last year there was a lot of support from different youth groups, sports teams, families, and businesses which Risdon hopes to see again this year.  She recognizes that things are a bit tighter for people this year when it comes to money but says that is what she likes about this program it is based on what you can afford there is no set minimum that needs to be spent. 

Seeing the youth get involved and the connection being made to the seniors means a lot to Risdon, "The kids get so excited about it, the parents come in and get a name. Then they'll go to the dollar store or somewhere and they'll shop like they would shop for a grandpa or grandma."

Each name will come with a list of things that person enjoys and gift ideas, although Risdon did say that sometimes it just says surprise me, but she has that covered as well, " For those instances, I have a list of things like word puzzle books, lotions and things like that to give people ideas on what to buy." 

Risdon explained that stockings are delivered by the person who takes the senior's name and need to be delivered by December 22nd, names can be picked up between December 1 and December 22nd but the goal is to have all the names selected prior to the final delivery day.

Seeing the success of this program and how much both the seniors and those who purchased gifts for them enjoyed it last year it was easy for Risdon to want to organize it again.

"A lot of times seniors are left out of stuff like this, families and kids get stuff (Christmas gifts), but there's a lot of seniors that have nobody. I've heard back from the lodges, usually on the 24th they'll go and put everything outside the doors, they said, there are a lot of tears and hugs over this because people can't believe that a stranger would actually buy them a gift."

Already seeing the positive engagement happening again this year, she feels that initiatives like this are what makes this community special and she is excited for this year and the years to come.

Visit the Rack on 3rd at 277 3rd Ave, or on their Facebook page to submit a name by the end of the month, and stop in to pick up a name and stuff a stocking starting on December 1.