Tomorrow the Strathmore Skating Club will be hosting its annual Fire and Ice show. 

"This season has gone well for our skaters. We went to quite a few competitions with some of the skaters and it went well. Then we've done a lot of testing to move up in levels for each skater and just had a lot of fun as a club doing all kinds of things on the ice and program," said the head coach for the club, Breanna Polet. 

Polet says that she thinks the show will be a lot of fun because it will allow the skaters to perform their programs and be creative.

"I think it'll be a fun way to end the season and to show how far they've come throughout the season. So, I think they look forward to it every year. Just like a fun night of skating." 

According to Polet, the skaters are excited about the Fire and Ice Show.

"They look forward to it. It's just like a fun night where they get to showcase their programs and creativity in front of their family, in their home rink. I think that's special for them because usually, it's performing at different clubs where the competitions are held, so they look forward to just having fun."

The show starts tomorrow (April 10) at 6:30 at the Strathmore Family Centre, on the Gold Ice.  

"It's probably about an hour long, and it's free entry for anyone that wants to come to watch and just come out and support the skaters within the community and to see something different."

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