As 2022 wraps up and we prepare for a new year, the Town of Strathmore is looking forward to what the new year could bring. Mayor Pat Fule said a huge focus of 2023 will be preparing for a boom in growth, as industries like Phyto Organix and De Havilland Airfield are making their way to our community.

“One of the big things that our administration and staff are preparing for is the growth of Strathmore, our planning and permitting staff are preparing for a lot of work because Phyto Organix is going to be needing some housing and obviously De Havilland would be looking at building properties too and a subdivision on the West side of Strathmore. So we're going to have to be ready to be flexible and firm,” he said.

With some large industries already on the way, Fule is hoping to capitalize on that momentum to attract even more business and investment into our community.

“I think Strathmore residents need to buckle up because I really believe you're going to see some really strong growth in our town. Something we want to do is continue to work as an administration and staff to try to attract more industries to Strathmore. We do really need to keep being a hub for agriculture, technology, and developments into the future. We're a farming and ranching town, we want to celebrate that and we're hoping to attract more industry in that area to really be a part of that.”

Outside of industry, Fule said another big focus in 2023 is improving our infrastructure, with a specific focus on improving broadband internet. Improving services will be a focus as well, and Fule said the Town really wants to improve the number of doctors and health services Strathmore can provide. Fule hopes to have Strathmore join the Olds Hospital pilot project, where rural communities are seeing increased services. While this would obviously help Strathmore in services gained, Fule adds it could also address the doctor shortage.

“At one time Strathmore’s Hospital used to do baby deliveries and maybe there are opportunities for some other surgeries that could be done at the hospital, and that might in itself attract more doctors because young doctors want to have well-rounded experiences in the emergency room doing surgeries. So if we can make that something that is more attractive to them, maybe we'll attract more doctors.”

On top of these focuses, Fule also is looking to another big event coming up in March up in conjunction with Siksika Nation and Wheatland County being the Kristian Ayoungman memorial powwow in March.

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