Wilson Rodeo, Origin Malting and Brewing, Heckya presented a $7985 cheque for the Alberta Children's Hospital. The funds were raised at the Wilson Rodeo PBR event on August 27, which Heckya was the title sponsor of, with Origins also sponsoring it.

Slim Wilson and his wife Heather organize the Wilson Rodeo, and he said the weather, unfortunately, didn't cooperate for the event, as there was a crazy thunderstorm. That resulted in a smaller attendance of around 200. Despite this, Wilson was still happy with the big donation they could make to the Alberta Children's Hospital, and he gave a big thanks to all the sponsors that made it possible. 

Wilson has been involved in charity events before, including last year's back-to-back Cluny Lion's Charity event. These events raised funds for the Wheatland & Area Hospice Society (WHAS) and STARS. Wilson said they chose STARS because his dad and grandmother both flew in STARS from Strathmore to Calgary, and choosing the Alberta Children's Hospital this year also had a personal touch.

"This year Heather and I were discussing it, and she suggested the Alberta Children's Hospital because when our daughter was little, she spent a few weeks in there, got her appendix removed, and then she had to go back with some complications from that. The treatment of not just the problem, but of her was just excellent. So we decided to go with the Children's Hospital."

On top of that, Wilson chose the hospital because he wants to do his part to make sure children can receive the best possible care. 

"The hospitals, they're funded by the government, but then the quality of care is added to by the fund raising."

Wilson said he will continue to be an active member in organizing charity events, so we can expect to see the rodeo and the Cluny event return next year. He added the Cluny event last year raised more than $15 000 for the WAHS, and he hopes to see the rodeo reach those levels next year as well. If the weather cooperates next year, $15 000 at the rodeo is a real possibility.

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