The Town of Strathmore had a council meeting last night to discuss a few key things that will bring the town more together. They put in a motion that they would like to open up the council chambers for ceremonial events. 

Senior Manager of Finacial Service Leana Ashbacher explained that the chambers will be rented out at $100 an hour to cover for the costs for the opening and closing of the building and for the cost of cleaning the council chambers when all is said and done.

The Town council agenda says that new rates are put into place to allow the town to operate and make sure that their revenue is stable. 

The first thing that they discussed was that Council had the first reading of the land use bylaw in regard to sea cans, Planner III Megan Willams says that she has taken feedback from business owners and council regarding this bylaw. 

“We were able to safely decrease regulations and simultaneously cut red tape. This bylaw in the columniation of that” 

Williams says that in this bylaw they are suggestion the definition for temporary sea cans. They are deleting the ventilation section, decreasing the restrictions of the storage of hazardous materials and requiring sea cans to be registered with the fire department. 

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