This past weekend, pickleball lovers participated in the Indus Junefest 2024 Pickleball tournament.

Volunteer and pickleball player Candace Vanin says that in addition to the many other activities that Junefest offers, they also have several ball tournaments.

"Players for this tournament mostly come from the Rockyview Pickleball Club. It's a wide-ranging sport that has only existed since 2017," said Vanin. 

Pickleball is a paddle sport combining badminton, table tennis, and regular tennis elements. 

It is played on a badminton-sized court with a net 34 inches off the ground. 

"This year, 30 players registered, playing on six courts. It's a fun first tournament with a healthy sprinkling of great competition." 

Vanin said everyone registered as a single player even though they played doubles. 

"Everyone just gets mixed in and played the game." 

Vanin said she could not have helped organize the event without her fellow volunteers. 

"Some people who were playing were also volunteering, doing different tasks, and helping that day. Many of these community events and organizations go on without a hitch." 

Every player had to register with a $10 registration fee.

"We raised $300, and we are donating that to the Bow Valley Agricultural Society to put towards new lights in the hall as part of the Rec Center."

Vanin says their league plays typically in the hall at the Ag Society.

"We've got lines marked on the floor in the hall, and there's three courts that play when the league plays. We play three nights a week."

Vanin has been playing with the Indus League since 2019.

"It's an enjoyable sport for me. It keeps the mind sharp and the feet and hands active."

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