The Town of Strathmore along with the fire department are looking into revising the current Fire Services Bylaw.

A presentation was made by Fire Chief Dave Sturgeon on Wednesday night at a special meeting of city council.

Sturgeon explained what some of the new rules would look like if passed.

"It would focus on fire prevention. Emphasizing fire prevention by addressing open burning, fire permits, fire bans and restrictions based on environmental conditions. Fireworks use in the town, alarm systems, and it would emphasize the importance of public awareness and education regarding fire safety through programs and inspections."

Sturgeon added that it would establish fines and penalties, which are currently missing within the existing bylaw.

"Response to false alarms, enforcement of regulations and the process and collections of fines. It also outlines the responsibilities of the department including their specific powers at the scene of an incident."

As well, Sturgeon says he wanted to add another penalty or fine to obstruct or block a fire lane or access route with a minimum penalty of $250 and a specified penalty being $500.

"It's more about the large garbage bins being stored in garbage bins and things like that."

Town administration will report back to council anywhere from July to September with any revisions to the bylaw.