Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week is back for another season and your first King is third year center Joel Romano from Chestermere. 

Along with being with the Kings for three years Romano's main focus is excelling in school for his future goal of being a physiotherapist or be in chiro therapy. 

"I'm not exactly sure, so just kind of getting my degree right now and going from there."

The Kings currently are on a five gave winning streak at the moment and Romano says that is really good compared to the last couple of seasons that they have had. 

"We've had a couple of rough starts. So, I feel like this is just a good showing for our team. I think we could improve on our power play; penalty kill get more consistent with that and try and capitalize on all our opportunities that we get." 

Romano knows that there are still a few things that he could improve on as well even with him being on this ice since he was two years old. 

"I think I could be stronger on face offs. I mean that's probably one of my biggest things that I want to be better at. I think scoring goals, obviously you can definitely do that every game, but just trying to be the best player I can for our team."

As for eventually going Pro in the future, Romano isn't opposed to it.

"I mean, if the opportunity arose, I would obviously never say no, but I mean kind of right now I am just focusing on school and also hockey. So, I don't know just kind of seeing where it takes me right now." 

The Wheatland Kings will be back on the ice this Saturday (October 14) at 8 P.M where they will face the Rocky Rams in Strathmore. 

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