Kiwanis International is making an effort to create a Strathmore Kiwanis club; despite not having an actual club yet they have partnered with the Cochrane and Northmount Calgary clubs and have made 40 Kiki Care boxes for kids and families in need in Strathmore.  

Lieutenant Governor of Division Seven of Kiwanis Ronald Gosselin says they work with agencies to find low-income families so they can receive a box. In Strathmore's case, Kiwanis works with Strathmore Family and Youth Services (FCSS) to help distribute the boxes.  

“This is our project today; this is half of our delivery then the other half will be next week. We basically try to do a project on a monthly basis.” 

Gosselin explained how they were able to raise money to create these Kiki Care boxes for families that are in need. 

“What we do is sell a cookbook for kids and the proceeds from that are used to make the Kiki Care boxes. Kiki is the picture that is on our books.”  

Some of the things that are in the boxes are dry foods, a $50 gift certificate from Calgary Co-op, toys for the kids, children's books, teddy bears, and more.  

Strathmore doesn’t have enough members to establish a club currently, but they are hoping to in the next couple of months. Kiwanis will continuously be bringing projects to Strathmore so they can get more members. 

“We are using some of our Calgary clubs so that we can continue to support Strathmore and to build the club up over 3-4 months.”  

Gosselin explains that next month they will be bringing an anti-bullying presentation to the family center in town. 

“It is open to the public and we will have a presenter by the name of Elizabeth Bennett, she is a retired award-winning principal, and she is going to have a conversation to prepare kids to learn about bullying.”  

You can purchase Kiwanis International kids cookbook “Cooking with Kids” here. 

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