The recent snowstorm may have you thinking about escaping the cold and going down south for a trip. That's exactly what 11-year-old Bristie Kugler is doing, except she isn't going on a vacation. She's heading to Las Vegas to participate in the Tuffest Jr. World Championship Rodeo.

Kugler will be one of 840 contestants selected from 4 provinces and 28 states. She explained to get into the Tuffest Jr. rodeo she first had to participate in a qualifier in High River. After passing the qualifying round, she's Vegas bound.

"It's crazy, I can't believe it still to this day," she said. 

Getting into a world championship rodeo is no small feat; Kugler said she's been working hard to get where she is now and has been riding since she was three years old. While there's a lot of hard work and effort behind the scenes, Kugler said moments like this make it all worth it.

"You have to work a lot because you have to keep horses in shape, you gotta work on stuff, it is a lot of work. But when it all comes to an end, it all is memories and then you can just think 'I went there' or 'I made it to this', it's awesome. "

Kugler will be competing in barrel racing and goat tying in the 12 and under group, and the Tuffest Jr. posters say the championship prizes range from $10 000 to $30 000. If she's able to take home the big prize, Kugler said the first thing she's doing is taking care of her horses.

"(I'd buy) stuff for my horses like grain and treats, and blankets for when the weather is like what it is now."

While the rodeo is of course the main focus, Kugler is also excited to be in Vegas for the first time. During her free time, she hopes to take advantage of what Vegas has to offer.

"I love Elvis Presley, so my dad and I want to go to the Elvis museum and just go have fun." When asked what she feels the most important part of rodeo is she expressed the same sentiment, "Just go have fun, that's the main part of rodeo, it's to have fun and don't give up."

With a world championship rodeo and trip to Vegas on the way, Kugler's future is looking bright. She hopes rodeos like this are just one of many to come, as she hopes to keep riding for a long time.

"The one biggest rodeo I've ever wanted to make it to, and it is a ginormous rodeo, is the NFR (National Finals Rodeo). I've always wanted to make it there, and I think it'll be fun."

The Tuffest Jr. World Championship Rodeo will take place from December 1 to 5, good luck to Kugler! 

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