The past couple of weeks have seen plenty of snow and extreme cold warnings hit our community, which has made going out hard for many people. Whether it was just the cold keeping people inside or too much snow piling up, getting around the community has been particularly challenging. To help the community out, 10-year-old Harry Shaw and 11-year-old Jonah Hogan braved the elements and were shoveling driveways for free!

"We just wanted to help out our neighbours, because we know some of them are older and can't really do that," Hogan said.

The idea was brought up by Shaw, who said helping people out would be a better use of his time instead of staying inside, "I didn't really have anything else to do, I was probably just going to sit down on the couch with my brother, so I thought 'why not? It would be a nice thing to do,'" Shaw added.

Shaw said he's gone out in the community before to help with shoveling, but it's Jonah's first time. However, it sounds like it won't be the last, as both boys said they plan on going out "a whole bunch of other times this season."

shovelingJonah Hogan (left) and Harry Shaw (right) hard at work!
Photo courtesy: Jordan Hogan

The boys' efforts to make the community a better place have not gone unnoticed. Kate Senzani was getting ready to drive out for the day when Shaw and Hogan came by her house to offer their help, and she said the kindness left a big impact on her.

"I've got a 9-year-old boy, so when I got into the car I said to him it's a great reminder that we actually need to do more things around town and just help people and not just think about ourselves. These young boys, they were so polite, they were really sweet. It warmed my heart," she said. 

Senzani added the weather that day was quite cold and windy, which made Shaw and Hogan's actions even more remarkable. For her, an act of kindness as simple as shoveling snow can go well beyond the act itself, as it's the generosity and willingness to help each other out that really stood out.

"Let's just continue helping each other. Of course, times are hard, Covid was tough on everyone. Now that the world has literally opened up again, it's nice to be able to not just see people, but to be kind to each other when we do see each other." 

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