A month ago, the Town of Strathmore made a plan to bring the town more together. One of those things being was to open up the town hall and the chamber rooms to be rented out for things such as a wedding, funeral, birthday party, and more.  

A few weeks ago, the Strathmore Town Hall hosted its very first wedding in the building to none-other than their very own Councilor Melissa Langmaid and her new husband Jonathon Helim!  

Councilor Langmaid expresses that she and Helim are really excited to start this next journey of their lives together and why she chose to have her wedding in the chambers.  

“I am really proud of my role as councilor for the Town of Strathmore, so when I was thinking of places to make where I make important decisions in my everyday life, that was the first place that came to mind. So, it just made sense to me.” 

Wedding Councilor Melissa Langmaid and husband Jonathon Helim

Langmaid said it's already the place she upholds her responsibility to the town, and now it has become a place for her to remember her responsibility to her husband as well. However, her favorite moment of the day was actually after the ceremony had happened. 

“We came back to our house and my new husband had made our wedding cake. He made a lovely lemon cake with curd. We came back and ate his cake, and it was delicious.”  

Langmaid also enjoyed the fact that it was a very small wedding and loved just being able to sit with her friends and family to enjoy the day together and to celebrate love.  

“I really enjoy family genealogy as a hobby and while working on my husband's family tree, we discovered that his great grandparents got married in Strathmore over 90 years ago in 1933! He grew up on Vancouver Island and had no idea about this connection with Strathmore. Small world!”  

As for if Langmaid is going to take the last name Helim the answer is no. She will be staying as councilor Langmaid. 

“I’ve had a couple of people ask; “Are you a Helim now?” And I am like no, I have had my last name for a long time, and I am used to it now.”  

If you want any information about renting out Town Hall as a venue visit the Town of Strathmore’s website.  

weddingsCouncilor Melissa Langmaid and husband Jonathon Helim

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