It was a tough loss for the Strathmore Spartans on the weekend. They faced Holy Trinity Academy on the field for their first playoff game.  

“We ended up losing 50 – 26, and now were eliminated from provincials,” explained coach Kyle Tucker. 

“The team showed a lot of resilience and character. They didn't quit. We were down at the half and we had a good pep talk about what we needed to do to succeed in the second half. We had some success, but Holy Trinity capitalized on the mistakes that we did make in the second half.” 

While Tucker explained that the team's spirit is a bit deflated, especially the Grade 12 students who will be moving on this year, he is hoping to go out with a bang this weekend with one more game.  

“Our league championship game is this Saturday, November 6. It will be against the Drumheller Titans, we are just determining whether it will be a home or away game,” he continued.  

The Strathmore Spartans went undefeated this season winning all ten of their regular-season games. Their only loss was to Holy Trinity Academy on Saturday.  

“We are really happy with the success of the team this year. The younger players are going to have a bit of drive to improve over the off and try to get another shot at it next year,” Tucker concluded.