A local dog trainer is continuing to globe-trot with her dog, Daiquiri. She has recently travelled back home to Alberta after her musical theatre debut in Quebec.  

She and 6 of her highly trained dogs starred in Super Dogs: The Musical at the Segal Centre in Montreal.  

“Each of our dogs played at least two to three roles each. Throughout a 90-minute play, I switched out my dogs 13 times. So, I have a dog, I perform on stage and then I'm off stage and I'm running to the back as fast as I can putting one dog away, grabbing another dog and running back on stage. At one point, I had a total of 42 seconds to switch out three dogs, so one dog - switch - two dogs, - switch - three dogs all on the stage. It was crazy but once I got my rhythm it was super easy.” 

Fraser lovingly said that Daiquiri had one of the biggest roles in the play. “I think that he nailed it.”  

"I hope that the play tours, because we weren't allowed to film anything, so none of my friends or family could see the play at all. I hope it will come to Calgary or anywhere in Alberta so that my family can see it.”  

After 20 shows, Fraser and her pups headed home a bit early after the last three shows were cancelled due to COVID-19.  

“I actually drove 36 hours in 2 1/2 days so I ended up being able to enjoy Christmas with my family.”  

There is no rest for Fraser though because as she was relaxing with her family at home, she received news that she had been selected to compete at Crufts, the biggest dog show in the world.  

“I've got two months to put together a four-minute routine from scratch that Daquiri has never done before,” she explained that she does have some nerves. “What I do when I perform with Super Dogs, I do these cute little routines that are fun and entertaining.  I don't have any rules to follow and nobody is judging me and I'm just out there playing with my dog. I've never done a freestyle routine before set to rules set to music.” 

Fraser said that there are no freestyle competitions in North America, and she is the first North American to be in the competition.  

“They only allow eleven countries to compete, so I applied every year for the last couple of years. I haven't had any luck. I seriously thought I was not going to get in like always, and then I got a phone call from them saying, ‘yeah, you are in.”  

Fraser said that she is working hard to create a routine for her and Daiquiri, but it does come with its challenges.  

“I can sit down and I can train for hours and figure out how I do it. This is the routine and I have been actually going through all the steps without a dog for hours, but I can't do that to Daquiri, I can only train him two to three times a day. So, he doesn’t think that it’s work, so he’s not bored and he has fun with it.” 

The Crufts is going to be held in Birmingham, United Kingdom in March and will be available to stream live on YouTube. 

If you would like to help Fraser get to the UK, a link to her GoFundMe page can be found here! 

You can read more about Fraser and Daiquiri below!